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/* text.c - part of ziproxy package
 * Copyright (c)2003-2004 Juraj Variny<variny@naex.sk>
 * Copyright (c)2005-2009 Daniel Mealha Cabrita
 * Released subject to GNU General Public License v2 or later version.
 * HTML modification, text compression fuctions

#include "http.h"

//To stop multiple inclusions.
#ifndef SRC_TEXT_H
#define SRC_TEXT_H

extern int do_compress_stream_stream(http_headers *hdr, FILE *from, FILE *to, int *inlen, int *outlen);
extern int do_decompress_stream_stream(http_headers *hdr, FILE *from, FILE *to, int *inlen, int *outlen, int max_ratio, int min_eval);
extern int do_compress_memory_stream(http_headers *hdr, const char *from, FILE *to, const int inlen, int *outlen);
extern int replace_gzipped_with_gunzipped(char **inoutbuf, int inlen, int max_growth);
enum {ONormal, OChunked, OStream, OGzipStream};

#endif //SRC_TEXT_H

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